More About MTHFR

MTHFR – are you tired of reading about it yet? I am tired of having to think about it, and more importantly, I am tired of doctors pooh-poohing my hetero status.  If you are a doctor and you are reading this (which I am sure you are not because you are too busy reading marketing material from Big Pharma about the latest and greatest way to poison the population), listen up: MTHFR IS REAL, it may effect your patients in ways you may not yet know or understand.  OR it may not.  Be open to the possibility.

Dr. Ben, who I have mentioned before, has a great basic protocol for C677T hetero and homo individuals.

The biggest differences in recommendations between these two types of mutations are:

  1. folic acid needs to be avoided more seriously by homozygous individuals
  2. the amount of methylfolate required for homozygous mutations is greater
  3. the blood thinning requirement is greater for homozygous individuals

Here are the common recommendations for supporting those with C677T MTHFR mutations:

  1. Limit ingestion of folic acid in fortified foods as you cannot process folic acid well. – Done
  2. Limit or cease taking supplements or drugs with folic acid in them. Talk with your doctor before stopping. – Done
  3. Avoid folic acid blocking drugs such as birth control or Methotrexate. – Um, not relevant to me at this time. If I have to down-regulate with BCP before IVF I will discuss with doctors.
  4. Avoid drugs which increase homocysteine such as Nitrous Oxide (most used in dentistry) – LOL
  5. Avoid antacids as they block absorption of vitamin B12 and other nutrients – Oy! Catch you later, Zantac!
  6. Begin understanding which of your symptoms may be related to the C677T MTHFR mutation.
  7. Measure homocysteine levels – properly!
  8. Inform your family members so they can also test for the MTHFR mutation – I am pretty certain MTHFR is on both sides of my family.  No one has tested yet.
  9. Find a doctor who is knowledgeable about MTHFR or is willing to learn
  10. If you are pregnant, find an OB/GYN or midwife who is knowledgeable about MTHFR.
  11. Eliminate Gluten from your diet – especially wheat. – Why is this? Is it because all conventional wheat products are fortified? I do not believe that I have a gluten sensitivity, but I am open to discussing this.
  12. Eliminate or reduce dairy from your diet. If you must have dairy, use goat milk. – um, I only have dairy in my coffee which will soon go away, and the occasional cheese in a salad, which is typically goat. This isn’t too hard.
  13. Sauna or sweat somehow (epsom salt baths, sports, yoga..) at least once to three times a week. – Love this!
  14. Limit intake of processed foods – Been doing this for years to the best of my ability, but sometimes, I just have to have a Canada Dry ginger ale, and it kills me that it is made with high fructose corn syrup.  Might as well be made with Round Up! directly into the drink.  Bleh....
  15. Increase intake of whole foods and home-prepared meals. – Difficult with travel and a DH who LOVES to eat out.
  16. Eat the Rainbow of colors from fruits and vegetables – daily
  17. Castor Oil Packs over your abdomen daily during times of pain, soreness, cramps – ???
  18. Vegetable/Fruit Juice Diet with Chia Seeds during times of pain, soreness, cramps
  19. Limit intake of high methionine-containing foods if homocysteine elevated
  20. Coffee Enemas during times of detoxification or pain – no.
  21. Filter chlorine from your drinking water, shower and bath. – sigh, really?
  22. Drink at least two liters of filtered water daily mixed with vitamin C and electrolytes.
  23. Eat smaller, but more frequent meals, throughout the day with some form of protein.
  24. Limit protein intake to approximately 0.7 grams protein per kilogram of body weight.
  25. Remove mercury amalgams and root canals with a trained biological dentist.
  26. Avoid cooking, drinking, storing and heating in any type of plastic container. – done, gross
  27. Use an air purifier in your home and office
  28. Eliminate carpets from your home and install low VOC wood or tile flooring.
  29. Eat grass-fed beef, free range, hormone free and antibiotic meats and eggs – done
  30. Cook with electric stove and oven and remove gas stove and oven. – Never, and I mean, never going to happen.

//end of my discussion of MTHFR for the foreseeable future

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1 Response to More About MTHFR

  1. Lynn D says:

    Thanks for list
    Just tested for methylmalonic acid and it was low, 0.10, do my B12 is not low (didnt take any vites for 5 days before blood draw). Do you have any info if correlates to homo-cysteine levels?
    Yes, tired of thinking about it also, am 677T homozygous. Was thinking of trying SAMe again (first time, it gave me chest pains, so took B’s, and yelled at the manufact of the sup for not putting more info with it, Also caused giggling a silly jokes and would be nice to laugh more.
    Why not more than 0.7 *pds.wt of protein?
    EnJoy your day (and Life)


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